With this revolutionary program, ANY child, including yours, can be reading at grade level
in just 14 days.

With traditional reading programs, students are prompted to sound out or and memorize words on a page…words that have no meaning for them or relevance to their own lives, so there is little incentive to read or understand them.

With The You Read Literacy Program, the child is encouraged to first talk out his or her own personal stories and experiences, and then to write them, with help, in his or her own words. Because these words have personal meaning for the child, there is more immediate recognition of each word when it appears in other texts. Once this recognition begins to occur, the light goes on. The child has cracked the code, and reading happens more and more naturally. Because they can “read their world”, they can now “read the word.”

Dear Dr. Stone, I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Quite simply, it works! It gives students the chance to improve their reading skills and at the same time, develop a better feeling about themselves. My class has exhibited a 1 – 4 years reading growth. Congratulations!

Jeff Yaddow

Special Education Teacher, Granite Hills


How The You Read Literacy Program was Developed

The You Read Literacy Program is based on the work of several prominent educators and researchers, notably Dr. Paulo Friere of Brazil, who conducted over 200 studies in literacy between 1964 and 1997. Using his theory that reading could be taught using students’ own life experiences as a starting point rather than texts, he taught 450 illiterate migrant workers to read independently in just 45 hours. His ideas were echoed by Dr. Roach Van Allen of the University of Arizona, who coined the phrase, “What you think you can say, what you say you can write, and what you write you can read.”

In 1981, Dr. Suki Stone synthesized this research and that of other educators into a practical step-by-step system that can be used to help any child learn to read in a natural way. By beginning with the child’s own ideas and thoughts, and encouraging self-expression through talking and then writing, words become exciting tools, instead of obstacles to overcome. The ability to read, which was always there, is finally unlocked. Progress can be so rapid as to seem miraculous.


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