About Dr. Suki Stone

Suki Stone, PhD, is on a Mission to Teach Learning Disabled Children to Read

Dr. Stone is passionate about her position as a literacy advocate. She is on a mission to teach the children in this country to read. She is creator and founder of  The You Read Literacy Program, a revolutionary system designed to teach writing, reading, and comprehension to kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia or ADD.

Practical Teaching Experience with Academic Research Proof

Having spent the past two decades teaching children with special education needs, Dr. Stone determined that some children with learning disabilities were being forgotten. This prompted her to design an entirely new method that would teach these children to read where traditional methods had failed them. Since receiving her PhD from Claremont Graduate University jointly with San Diego State University she has led a crusade to recognize that children now have an answer to what they believed their entire life: They are brilliant, passionate, and able to read independently.

Dr. Stone has a 98% Success Rate and Knows that Teaching Children to Read Changes Lives

Research has shown that 47% of school-aged children have been diagnosed with learning disabilities in the state of California. Children transform from being frustrated and distraught to excited and happy upon entering the world of reading thanks to this program. Dr. Stone has a 98% success rate and most children are dismissed from their special education placements after just 14 sessions with her. The media in San Diego adore Dr. Stone and have covered her story and many parents, teachers, and children testify about the positive results. Students are graduating from college when they were told in elementary school they had no chance of reading beyond the 3rd grade level.

Why Phonics is Not the Answer—Writing is the Secret Weapon to Reading

Children are visual learners. Children learn through Self Expression. The You Read Literacy Program teaches writing, reading, and comprehension to kids with learning disabilities. The philosophy behind the program originates with the writing process, whereby writing is the answer to learning to read. Researcher, Roach Van Allen states, “What We Think We Can Say; What We Say We Can Write; and What We Write We Can Read.” Reading begins with the children’s personal experiences, not skills. Not Hooked on Phonics, but Passionate about Personal Knowledge. The children become the teachers; they write and read before introducing skills. Dr. Stone knows the secrets to why reading is taught before skills and is ready to tell the world!

Mission Statement: Stopping the Cycle of Illiteracy for Children and Adults

Rising Start Expert Award