Your child…reading at grade-level in 14 days?

Your child’s learning disability is so frustrating for him or her…but also for you. Every good parent hates to see their child struggle, not only with reading and keeping up in school, but also with the by-products of Learning Disabilities (LD). Low self-esteem. Anger and acting out. Hopelessness. Isolation.

You’ve tried working with your child, mentors, and programs like phonics…but you have not seen progress you hoped. Sometimes those dashed hopes can make the problem seem even worse.

Experience a new, natural way of learning.

That’s why you may think The You Read Literacy Program sounds too good to be true. That’s understandable. But the fact is, with this revolutionary program, ANY child, including yours, can be reading at grade level in just 14 days.

The You Read Literacy Program provides a 12-week support course for families, to help reinforce your child’s reading success and momentum, and also to boost life skills such as promoting healthy self-esteem.

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