Your Financial Investment for The You Read Literacy Program with Dr. Suki Stone

Concerned if your child has a reading problem? Want to understand what grade level they are currently? This assessment delivered in person with Dr. Stone gives you the foundational assessment to determine what intervention makes sense to help your child achieve learning and reading.

Reading Assessment:

An in person assessment delivered by Dr. Stone in an hour and a half is to determine where your child is in reading. The essential foundation to create an intervention and plan what reading level that your child is presently at and what potential reading level they can achieve. Includes:

  • Provides a foundation grade level and standardization for reading
  • Identifies phonics strengths and weaknesses
  • Establishes rate of reading speed and fluency
  • Assesses comprehension skills for each story
  • Determines range of reading level from proficiency to frustration 

Consultant Services for Schools and Communities

Stone Educational Systems, Inc., a non-profit corporation, is offering corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to help their employees and children of their employees to improve reading achievement with proficiency at grade level in 14 days or less.  The advantage of offering this service to employees and their children will be a step to prepare the population for advancing their education. It will also be beneficial to corporations and organizations who may have future hiring opportunities to know that their candidates will be proficient readers.

Teachers will be hired and trained by Dr. Suki Stone using the You Read Program and work individually with each student.  Stone Educational Systems, Inc, and the individual business or corporation will structure services so that the teacher(s) will make their own schedules for each child or adult.

Ways to incorporate The You Read Program into your corporation or business:

  • Help support a state-certified teacher trained in the You Read Program through a tax-deductible donation.
  • Offer employees the services as a Human Resource (HR) benefit in the organization’s benefit package to help either the employee or the employee’s children an opportunity to have proficient literacy skills.
  • Provide “In Kind” space that can be used for literacy instruction.

The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES, 2018) reported that the cost of illiteracy to the nation is $225 Billion dollars each year. That cost is staggering when The You Read Program can be a viable solution.

Mentoring teachers or teacher instructional assistants

Option 1: 4 hours (½ day): 
An introductory training. Concentrates on the philosophy and paradigm shift and why writing comes before reading when children learn to read.

Option 2: Whole day training: 
Philosophy and paradigm shift to understanding how and why writing comes before reading and how and why Language Development is the foundation for reading.

Option 3: 3-day program:
3-Day Training includes:

  • Discusses paradigm and new philosophy of teaching reading
  • Includes total training program in The You Read Literacy Program
  • Practices sessions with the Teachers and Instructional assistants practice with a child
  • Mentors sessions as a structured triad—I assist in mentoring with teacher and child (Option 3 must include access to a child with LD, ADHD, or behavior problems that contribute to child’s difficulty with reading for each mentor learning The You Read Literacy Program)

Additional  training and monitoring for 11 days following Option 3:
To ensure children’s reading success  an additional  11 days will help strengthen their skills.

Additional seminars or workshops can be scheduled to reinforce reading skills.

Time frame is 5 to 7 days. Includes:

  • Teaches and Stresses writing, vocabulary, and research skills. Additional seminars can be scheduled after children have learned to read.
  •  Emphasizes APA style research skills for children. Seminar includes both children and teachers in a mentoring triad.
  • Provides skills and applies aptitude to include all children.  Seminar practice can be successful and efficient for a whole class structure.