Dr. Stone speaks to parents, educators, and corporate executives, to introduce the high-degree of illiteracy rates while sharing a new approach and new philosophy for reading proficiency in 14 days or less.

How to Use Personal Life Experiences to Dramatically Improve Reading Skills in 14 Days or Less

Discover how everyone’s personal life experiences contribute to becoming a proficient reader and how to utilize this knowledge to improve reading skills. Uncover the secrets to improve reading skills in 14 days or less! Discover how your own personal experience in life can support the knowledge and comprehension which is already within you.

Learn How To:

  • Recognize the importance of your own personal experience and how it contributes to reading.
  • Acknowledge the passion and skills you already possess to improve your reading skills.
  • Recognize your personal knowledge contributes to reading comprehension.
  • Read more proficiently in 14 days or less.

How to Build Vocabulary to Stop the Cycle of Illiteracy

This insightful presentation will help the audience recognize how to reinforce new vocabulary to expand personal knowledge. Introducing vocabulary is developed early on in a child’s development stage and continues into adulthood. Uncover the importance of introducing new vocabulary in conversation and how that contributes to improve reading and and becomes the basic foundation for reading.

Learn How To:

  • Reinforce new vocabulary to expand personal knowledge
  • Utilize comprehension that is built into the meaning of words.
  • Converse with others as a reinforcement for practicing expanded vocabulary.
  • Improve reading based on the introduction of new vocabulary skills.

Stop the Cycle of Illiteracy by Learning that Writing Comes Before Reading

“What you think you can say—-What you say you can write—-and what you write you can read” — Dr. Roach Van Allen

The quote describes how Dr. Suki Stone’s Paradigm Shift changes the belief that people need to learn letters and sounds before they can learn to read. Uncover how peoples’ thoughts and experiences can be expressed and therefore written down. When writing comes before reading then fluency and comprehension are already developed. A relationship to reading their own work and other peoples work reinforces their own words and concepts creating an instant Ah-Ha moment.

Learn How To:

  • Change your paradigm and what that means related to teaching reading.
  • Accept why writing comes before reading
  • Understand why an individual’s own words can assist them in reading other books of interest and how that transitions them into becoming a more proficient reader.
  • Shift beliefs that they can learn to read in a short amount of time for life changing results.