The You Read Literacy Program changed the Quality of Our Lives

“I will always remember how you helped Michael overcome his reading trauma and set him on solid ground.”

Currently a high school sophomore, reading at the college level.

Mrs. Erica Toth


“The program was successful with my student.  It fostered his self image and confidence.  It brought about a radical change in him, both academically and behaviorally.

Pre-primer to 4th grade in 12 hours

Mrs. Erica DePalma

Special Education Teacher

“I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Quite simply it works! It gives students the chance to improve their reading skills and at the same time develop a better feeling about themselves.”

Class of students—1-4 years growth

Jeff Yaddow

Special Education Teacher Granite Hills HS, San Diego, CA

“My grandson’s reading ability improved tremendously. He is now reading at grade level and receiving school awards for his academic achievement, thanks to Dr. Stone’s reading program. Every child should have this program.”

2nd to 4th grade in 12 hours

Lyle LaRosh


“I am happy about what you have taught me. Now I am getting A’s and B’s instead of D’s and F’s in school. I just wanted to tell you thank you very much. I appreciate what you have done for me. I now read with conviction.”

Previously 3 years behind in school.

Sandra D.

10th grade

“I have learned phenomenal amounts in this program. I use my affirmation, ‘I am trusting myself with the right answer.’ Now I know I can use my independence to become a writer for the world.” Thankful

1st to 6th grade in 12 hours

Shaun T.

6th grade

“The best 12 hours my parents have spent on my education—Priceless”
Steve H. Jr

age 18

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